Questions on ripple continue to come up, particularly for vented lead-acid cells and nickel-cadmium cells; however, there is little information available on the subject.  One US battery manufacturer has included some information on ripple voltage  for its vented lead-acid products in its most recent Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions issued in February 2015.  The other source of information is IEEE Std 1184TM – 2006, but it too is limited.  IEEE also has another standard, IEEE Std 519TM that discusses harmonics and control of harmonics.  Many times an increase in the ripple content in a battery is due to not changing out the dc electrolytic capacitors as recommended by the charger or UPS manufacturer.  Additionally, some UPS manufacturers are now offering chokes that will reduce ripple when changing capacitors is not effective.

Ripple information for valve regulated lead-acid cells is more readily available from the battery manufacturers and the information may be on the product data sheet or in the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions.

An excerpt of all references to ripple in IEEE Std 1184TM – 2006 is attached as a pdf file.

Battery Standards Excerpt – AC Ripple