ESA has recently introduced a series of computer based battery training modules at that can be accessed on the internet.

The web site is dedicated to providing practical and informative training and reference material on stationary batteries online. The material presented is taken from Marco Migliaro’s many seminars and publications on the subject, as well as, his 45+ years of experience in stationary battery application, installation, maintenance and testing. The material is presented in an easy to understand format and is illustrated with numerous photographs. It is intended for use by the novice, as well as, those individuals with extensive experience with stationary batteries.

Currently, the web site includes some useful files and videos available for free download and a Stationary Battery Training and Reference Tool available for use by a paid subscription.  Subscriptions, purchased through the site shopping cart, will be available for 1, 6 or 12 months, with renewal if desired.  Plans for future development of the site include reasonably priced computer based training seminars.

The following statements taken from hundreds received are representative of What Past Participants Have Said About ESA Battery and DC System Seminars:

“I should have taken this course 20 years ago”
“I’ll never look at a battery in the same way again”
“I thought I knew everything about batteries, but this course showed me how little I really knew”
“The photographs and real life experiences of the instructor really helped my understanding”
“The instructor explained things at a level that was easy to understand”
“The course materials will be a valuable reference to me in the future”