ESA Consulting Associates, Inc., provides services in the areas of litigation support, expert consulting and expert witness in the fields of emergency power systems, including: stationary batteries; starting lighting and ignition (truck, automotive, motorcycle or recreational type) batteries; battery chargers; uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems; and stored energy power systems. Services provided include, but are not limited to: review of documents, exhibits, and depositions; preparing reports; site visits; performing research; preparing test protocols; conducting or supervising tests, examinations or experiments; providing testimony; and so forth. ESA can also provide these services in the areas of electrical auxiliary system design, design calculations, equipment failure analysis, equipment maintenance and testing, and equipment specification, selection and sizing.

ESA has performed these services for both defendants and plaintiffs. Marco W. Migliaro of ESA is listed in the Expert Witness Directory at the Defense Research Institute.

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cell strap

Using a light optical microscope,
corrosion at the plate lug
burns to the cell strap can be observed.

charger test

Charger testing at an independent
laboratory designed to verify the
manufacturer’s marketing claims

Turbine Shaft

Large steam turbine generator damaged when

the dc emergency oil pump failed to start

This UPS was alleged to have failed and
caused a building fire