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Verification of Battery Continuity and NERC Std PRC-005

NERC Std PRC-005, Protection System Maintenance requires that battery continuity be verified every 18 months for all batteries, not having the monitoring attributes of Table 1-4(f).  See Tables 1-4(a), 1-4(b) and 1-4(c) for vented lead-acid, valve regulated and nickel-cadmium batteries, respectively, in revision 2 of the standard which is the current version in force.  The [...]

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Installation 1

Is there anything wrong with this installation?  To enlarge photo, right click the photo and select "Open link in new tab". Post your responses now!

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Hydrogen Evolution – Where Did The Value In IEEE Std 484TM Come From?

IEEE Std 484TM – 2002 states that the maximum hydrogen evolution rate for an electrochemical cell is 0.000269 ft3/min per charging ampere per cell at 77 °F and standard pressure (29.92 in Hg) or 0.127 mL/s per charging ampere per cell at 25 °C and standard pressure (760 mm Hg).  This has been in the [...]

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Ripple Voltage and Current and Their Effects on Stationary Batteries

Questions on ripple continue to come up, particularly for vented lead-acid cells and nickel-cadmium cells; however, there is little information available on the subject.  One US battery manufacturer has included some information on ripple voltage  for its vented lead-acid products in its most recent Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions issued in February 2015.  The other [...]

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Spill Containment Requirements – 2015 Codes

There are always questions regarding the requirements for spill containment for vented cells.  The current standards discuss spill containment requirements and the requirements for neutralizing separately.  It's clear in the current standards that for valve regulated lead acid cells spill containment is not required for VRLA installations; however, there are still requirements for neutralizing. An excerpt of [...]

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Exposure of Cell Plates Due to Elevated Temperatures – Fukushima Events

There have been recent questions posed to plants about possible exposure of the cell plates due to elevated battery temperatures as part of the various conditions and scenarios for the Fukushima type events.  The beyond design basis events typically result in elevated temperatures throughout the plant, including the battery rooms.  The concern is an increased water [...]

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Stationary Battery Maintenance

When dealing with Stationary Batteries, knowing the requirements for periodic inspections and corrective actions is important. Also to be aware of the visual checks necessary and how to perform them is an important maintenance feature. Learn the industry’s standards and requirements for Stationary Battery maintenance through the Stationary Battery Seminars.   Click Here to sign [...]

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